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More Like Zoe or Blue?
Published on: September 6, 2023
Good Morning Beloved

Your attitude truly does reflect your altitude – in the Spirit!
Anyone who knows me knows I truly love my two doggie buddies, Zoe and Blue. They are as different as two snowflakes but their ATTITUDE is what I notice the most.
I often say to Zoe, “I should have given you an Indian name like “suchahusky” to reflect her “no, I don’t really want to do that right now, it’s inconvenient. I have a better idea and wish to be the pack leader.” A trainer once told me, “remember, huskys don’t ‘come’, they ‘go’ by instinct. It certainly doesn’t mean one can’t train them, but it’s not in their genetic predisposition to ‘come’.
Blue’s attitude reflects only his ever present desire to do as I ask, immediately and he will turn on a dime if he’s doing something HE prefers, like sniffing, and run to me when I simply say, “come, Blue.” He watches me constantly, desires frequent displays of affection & gives them. But it’s his desire to please me that I notice the most.
If we are more like Zoe in the Spirit we will resist the leading of Holy Spirit inside. Unfortunately, our souls delay our transformation process. Fortunately, God will continue to invite, teach, guide and instruct us to go higher as we decide to obey and trust Him. Once our spirit gets ignited we start to “get it” that Holy Spirit rule is better than what our own mind, will and emotions want.
My exhortation to you all today is, BE LIKE BLUE!! I speak to myself in this same regard.
Shalom Shalom