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Keep Motivated
Published on: August 31, 2023
I must be honest. Some days I do not feel like praying at all. Then I recall how the Apostle Paul had to urge Timothy to “stir up the gift of God within you.” (2 Tim 1:6) This helps me to get up, open up my Bible to a Psalm, and begin to praise Him. We must take action to kick our flesh (our entire nature without the Holy Spirit which we must contend with more than we know) and the devil out of our way. Apathy turns to excitement as the trickle of God thoughts begin. Then it’s real movement, rivers of living water pouring out. Sometimes I quietly read His Word and pray a sentence or two back to Him in awe. I must kick start the process more often than I would like to admit.
There are several “types” or categories of prayer. ALL of these are wonderful! A few examples include worship and praise, petition and intercession, supplication, thanksgiving, and spiritual¬†warfare.
This morning as I woke up I heard the Lord.
“Keep motivated,” He said.
Yes, I looked up the words. I always look up the meanings of what He says because it is vital that I understand, not just hear. He could have said “stay” instead of “keep” so what’s the difference?
To “keep” means to retain in one’s possession or power. It may mean to refrain from granting or allowing. We “take notice of by appropriate conduct” as we stay faithful to conform in a habitual way and we stay in accord with His beat. We also preserve and maintain, watch over and tend to and we stay, we continue in prayer.
“Motivated” means having an incentive or strong desire to do well or succeed in a pursuit. Here is an example of a prayer about prayer!
“Lord, however You guide me to pray, I want to go by Your heartbeat and lead. I watch over my prayer life. I show by habitual action that I consider this a vital occupation. I do not allow the enemy or my flesh to take this power away from me. Increase my desire to do well as I set aside time and position myself before you in prayer. Break my heart for what breaks Yours.”
Shalom Shalom