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Put On Your Own Oxygen Mask First
Published on: August 28, 2023

Hot off the press from the Lord this morning comes this message. We need to put on our own oxygen masks every day. We need to be still and breathe Him in. We need to receive from His amazing loving heart. We need to hear His very friendly, kind voice speaking right into us because, “THE VOICE OF THE LORD IS THE LORD OF THE VOICE!” It’s HIM!

Jesus alone brings us LIFE and ENERGY and HOPE and PEACE in the midst of all storms that assail us. Yesterday a woman talked to me at church about feeling shame because she hadn’t been there in so long. I said, well, that’s easy to fix, just turn yourself in and say yes, I was freaked out for a while but now I’m back and glad about it! She then smiled. We’ve got to give no place to shame and we do that by turning immediately to Jesus. This morning I did just that. He connected in such an amazing way.

He powerfully and cheerfully said “GOOD MORNING!” and broke all the turmoil off my soul. He likes to do that. He ARRESTS us. He brings a smile where there was pain, worry, sorrow or concern.


Later I extolled Him and lifted Him high, so grateful for how He is moving in my own life and in the lives of others. He spoke again.

“A VAST NEW HOPE FOR CHANGE” is here. It’s for all of us. Grab it and say it out loud over yourself! Where do you or someone you love need this? Start to decree it right into that situation!

So there is my 1-2 punch to the devil this morning for all his harrassment. By the way, he will harrass us whether we move forward in God’s ways or not. Will harrassment increase as we move forward? Yes. Will God show us how to withstand and overcome it? Yes.

Jesus is worth it!

Shalom Shalom