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You Are Never Alone
Published on: August 24, 2023
Hi Beloved of Jesus
After my daughter, Kelsi, moved home to heaven a song was presented to me. I don’t recall how I heard it because I tried to avoid music. The agony was so gut wrenching I could not hear anything that brought together pain and beauty. But somehow this one got through. I listened to it & wailed. Today God brought it back to me. Maybe because I’ve heard repeated brokenness this week about others feeling alone.
I never felt so wrenchingly alone as I did in those weeks after she was gone. Yes, Jesus got hold of me the moment I got the devastating news so I had no doubt or fear about her location. I simply felt the awful emptiness of abandonment & there was no way around it.
We cannot be anywhere the Lord is not. It is impossible. His Word assures us that nothing can separate us from Him. But in His deep compassion He showed up! I truly discovered through actual experience with Him as He opened my spiritual senses of hearing, touch and sight, that we are never alone no matter how yawning that black gulf appears. In His bottomless love and understanding He walks with us through every horror. We make it. We are then able to be there for others.
You will never walk alone on your Red Sea Road. I guarantee it.
Shalom Shalom