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God Woos Us
Published on: August 21, 2023

I’m a wordsmith so I gotta look up the meaning of it.

To woo means to seek to gain or bring about; to solicit or entreat especially with importunity.
Importunity means to make a request or demand that can actually be a bother, verging on harassment, in the human sense. In the Divine sense God is relentless in His invitations!

Synonyms for woo include ask for, court, and invite.

I felt His wooing on Saturday morning. I didn’t have the right words for the experience till today. It was absolutely beautiful. There was NO bother to it at all. I am GLAD He is so relentless!! I went outside on my deck with Zoe and Blue and sat down for a bit. I noticed the trees swaying in the gentle breeze. The dogs lay down quietly nearby. After a few minutes I was about to get up. Suddenly I felt Him.

It was like a soft wind deep in my gut. It lasted for a second or two but it was unmistakably Him. There is a tug that only He can put forth within us. It is actually irresistible. I melted back down into the chair. My heart response was love, gratitude, and adoration. I was reminded again of my desperate need for and dependence upon Him. He is so happy about this! What joy there is In His love and presence.

God invites each one of us to live in this intimate place. He seeks to bring about deeper communion. He is relentless in His pursuit! This morning I heard the word “distractions” which give us the heads up to put them in their place daily. This takes effort and diligence on our part.

Yes, we will have many profitable things to do with God for His kingdom but it must be fueled from this place of rest and intimacy. I prophesy that we, His Bride, awaken and respond to His gentle tug on our hearts every day.

Shalom Shalom