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What Would Happen If
Published on: August 15, 2023

Zoe had cataract surgery yesterday so it’s been pretty hectic around here. She did well with her recheck today but currently must wear a cone to protect herself from scratching at her eyes. The required regimen of pills and drops and drops and pills keeps us close to home right now. That’s ok. She is a precious pet. It just means my emails may come out a bit later in the day for a bit.

I spent time in prayer once we got home. It occurred to me afresh that the Body of Christ is the strongest entity on the earth. Our presence here, with Holy Spirit inside, is what keeps the antichrist from being seated. We truly are to “occupy” while we are here. That means Jesus is looking for prayer fruit to emerge and erupt from within us. We need to set Him free as we bow our tongues in obedience so that we actually push back and stop the devil from completing his plans.

What would it look like if we all locked arms and declared in unison that we weren’t going to stand for all the crazy we are seeing these days? If we, as speaking spirits, said, oh no, we’re not going to have it this way. Instead we declare that God’s kingdom is come and His will is being done! How many evil spirits would that shake up and displace? The Bible tells us, 1 of us can put 1000 to flight, 2 can vanquish 10,000 of them! Joshua 23:10 and Deut 32:30.

This afternoon I just put 1,000 to flight. We can’t lose, church! We can win bigger than we currently are, though. We need to.

Today I decree that we, the Body of Christ, have awakened to our place in the earth. We are proclaiming the truths in the Word of God WITH the Word of God Himself as we submit our time and our tongues to Him.

It’s our move, Beloved.

Shalom Shalom