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A Cemetery Story – Anyone Have 2 Sleeping Bags?
Published on: August 10, 2023

Good Afternoon Everyone


I am late because Nadine and I took a trip into the city this morning specifically to visit a small cemetery near S. 10th Street.

“A lot of the homeless camp out behind it, up on the mountain,” she said.

“Let’s go,” I said.
It was a very narrow macadam road that led up into the cemetery but it was wide enough for my car to slowly navigate. Right around the first turn was a prominent tent with what looked like a patio area! No one came forth so we kept driving. Then we got to the other end.
“There’s a cat,” I said. “It looks tame. Where there’s a cat there are probably people,” I added, as Nadine turned to look. The cat peeked back over its shoulder. It turned back to watch us.
“Go up closer,” Nadine urged. As we drove up to the very end we saw the tent behind the trees.
“There they are!” Nadine said. I began to back up to decide our next course of action. 2 dogs took care of that for us. They came out, barking, tails wagging. A small dachshund type and a larger pit bull with lots of scratch scars on its face. I kept backing up, they kept coming, then walked behind us to navigate their cemetery area. We got out of the car.
“Someone will come cuz they are their dogs,” Nadine said. Just then a tall lanky form emerged from the trees. I recognized him instantly.
“Hey, Dale, remember us from Franklin Street? You came to our outreach!” I waved at him like a groupie.
Dale came closer and smiled. Nadine was blown away. What are the odds of us finding him and his family here? There are no odds. It’s all God. HE DIRECTS OUR STEPS. It still cracks me up.
Dale sat down on the ground as little “Princess” came over to be petted. Shadow, the pit bull, stayed a distance away but calmed down some as Devon, Dale’s son, and Kayla, his sister came to join us. I must remember to take some dog treats with me on these excursions.
Dale updated us. He got a job at a Burger King. A church group got him 2 sleeping bags but they need 2 more. He is looking for a place to live that will take his animals too. I asked what else they needed.
“We got a grill now, but no charcoal. I got lighter fluid though,” he said.
“Could you use some dogfood?” we asked.
He smiled. “Yes! Princess got me through a lot of hard times in my life and I’m not living anywhere without my dogs. Then we found Shadow and he had so many thorns stuck in him, that’s what those scars are from. I sat down and pulled each one out and he was so patient the whole time.” Devon smiled as he nuzzled the still barking pit bull.
“We will be at Franklin street again this Saturday, make sure to come by, ” Nadine said. Dale smiled again and we got on our way. I texted our group, and all their needs are now met except for the 2 sleeping bags. If anyone has extra, please email me and I will pick them up.
“Kayla needs some clothes,” Nadine said.
“No problem! I have 2 bags of small women’s clothing donated this past week! Kayla can have both bags. In fact I now have 9 bags of clothing in addition to a few I had before,”  I said.
Then we went to another house where a woman gave me newly purchased sheets, towels, blankets, pillows and more. Thank goodness Pastor Larry has given us more room at Bridge of Hope church. I will need to make two trips tomorrow to take everything over there for Saturday.
God Is Moving! Never doubt Him! He knows everyone on that mountain. Every human being matters. Every story is significant. Together, we, Jesus’ body on the earth, can have the massive impact we are to have! 1 face, 1 family, 1 area at a time.
Shalom Shalom