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Beloved and Welcomed
Published on: August 8, 2023

Good Morning Beloved

Beloved means you are dearly loved.
It means God cherishes you. You are dear to His heart. You are His darling, his fair-haired, favored and favorite! You are precious to Him, special and unique.
Holy Spirit just spoke the word “welcome” to me as I type this. He is saying He receives you gladly into His presence. He wants companionship with you. He receives you with delight as you show your great need for Him. He desires that we would drink Him in, eat Him up, embrace Him fully.
A friend of mine just told me an interaction he had with God. He was concerned that he really wasn’t spending enough time with Him, within our 24 hours in a day. The Lord told him that even the smallest amount of time he set aside was a time of 100% enjoyment for Him!
He is so kind and good and gracious towards us. Wow.
My sister Heidi sent me this song this morning and it just flows with the King today.
Shalom Shalom