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What Are Your Loaves and Fishes?
Published on: August 4, 2023

I always want a fresh word. I want to hear it daily and pass on what I’m supposed to. It’s why the Israelites weren’t supposed to keep the manna every day. They were to depend on God DAILY for fresh provision. It is the same with us.

As I continue to watch what God is doing in Reading I am amazed. I thought of how God multiplied the bread and fish so everyone on the hillside that day was fed. There were even leftovers. He is the God of super abundance, then and now and always.

“Is that what You want me to email today? About Your miraculous provision that is always available?” I asked Him. Then my eyes fell to a letter I just got from my web church.  The prophetic word in the letter below confirmed the initial thought that came to my mind.

“You desire a miracle, but your fears, anxieties and familiarities have caused you to lose your expectation for supernatural increase. When I multiplied the loaves and the fish, there were basketsful of leftovers. I am bigger than your fears, bigger than your shortcomings, and bigger than your sin. I love you above and beyond what you can hope. Not only do I want to multiply, but I want to give you leftovers. Break your limited expectation of the power that I have to multiply and do a miracle. When I do a miracle, there are always leftovers to use again and again and again.”

I’m grabbing hold of this word, agreeing with it and speaking it out loud. We need miracles to have the impact God wants us to have in all the areas of our lives.

You grab hold of it too.

Shalom Shalom