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Don’t Sweat It
Published on: July 31, 2023
I’m not sweating it anymore. God continues to make a way where I don’t see one, then it just shows up.
I should’ve gotten this the first time when He multiplied money in my safe a few years ago. Yes, I wrote about that supernatural experience before. I had $800 in mixed bills in a safe, the next time I checked it there were 15 brand new $100 bills in the envelope. Nobody else could open that safe except me. It was confusing, I thought John had done it but he said no way. “You know I can’t open that thing,” he told me. Astounding. God provides for every need we have, and by extension every need for those whom He places in our paths. Oh yes, He will place them right in front of you. Watch for this.
1 Peter 5:6,7 tells us to “Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time He may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.” ESV
In the study notes it says “this “casting” participle modifies the main verbal phrase to first humble yourselves. Worry is a form of pride because it involves taking concerns upon oneself instead of entrusting them to God. Believers can trust God because, as their Father, HE CARES for them.”
Did you know that worry was actually a form of pride? This explanation brings truth into sharp focus. If you worry a lot just repent like I did and turn to Jesus, His beautiful face and presence, His Shalom! Rest there.
Nadine told me a homeless man asked her for a white t shirt and white socks. She told him to come to 706 Franklin Street on Aug 12, our next outreach. After an appointment this morning I went to Ollie’s. A whole new world opened up for me, I must say. I felt it was so important to get him white stuff, as he asked for. I found a white pair of socks in with a whole bunch of darker and brightly colored socks and will put HIS bag aside for him at our outreach.
I don’t seem able to run out of money, either. I bought a $50 gift card at Redner’s for Sheila and Raymond this morning. I stopped by someone’s house to get some of their donated clothing before I drove down to Reading for Christmas in July.
Guess what? They gave me $50.
It just humbles me. What am I concerned about? It’s ridiculous. God is covering all of this.
Several of you have sent us money, contributed clothing, contributed to grocery store gift cards, sent me information on auction deals, food banks, etc. Many of you are praying for our outreaches! THANK YOU for all the ways you have helped us help them! All of this is to your benefit. As Kevin Zadai preaches, when you give to someone who cannot pay you back, God has to do it. He is beholden to no one. It may or may not be in money, but believe me, God WILL pay you back. It may come through as emotional healing and deeper intimacy with Him and with others. It may come through as a softened heart that becomes so pliable in His hand you will do anything He says. Just know this. He will pay you back and it will all be to His glory. I just have to testify of Him!
This is for all of us who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. He truly wants to use all of us in beautiful kaleidoscopic ways. Ask Him how He wants to come through you!
We can’t lose.
Shalom Shalom