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To See Jesus
Published on: July 18, 2023
Hello Beloved
I had an experience I almost let go of on Sunday but the Lord gave me teaching on it directly that day after we got home from our church community gathering.
At the end of the message the final worship song was embraced and I had the impression of the Lord standing up front, kind of “inspecting the troops” as we sang to Him. Then it shifted to His very welcoming gaze upon me and upon everyone there. It was so warming I started to cry.
What we often do with these experiences is say, well that was just my imagination. But God gave us an imagination to image HIM. He explained that faith inside had bubbled up to show me that indeed, Jesus was actually standing there, receiving the worship and inviting closer communion. It blew me away how the teaching and understanding came right after the experience. He didn’t want me to discount this, but to understand it.
This is for every one of us. It’s all about the body rising up to take hold of Christ. This is how Immanuel¬†prayer works. The coach helps the recipient to settle into the Lord’s Presence, to SEE Him and then to receive from Him.
“I’m here,” He spoke into my heart last week. It’s SO TRUE.
Thank You, Father of Glory, that you are flooding the eyes of our hearts (imagination) with light so we may know the hope of our calling, Your inheritance in us and the power of Holy Spirit! Ephesians 1:18,19
Shalom Shalom