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We Are New Creations
Published on: July 17, 2023

Part of being in this realm means we all have levels of old mindsets or strongholds, wrong beliefs that must continue to be revealed, unravel and come under the Lord’s authority. He is so good. He is always active within us, doing His healing works. As we focus on the Word of God our minds transform into absolute truth and the unbelieving thoughts begin to come under subjection to the King.

In the Passion Translation it reads “He was not born by the joining of human parents or from natural means, or by a man’s desire, but He was born of God. And so the Living Expression became a man and lived among us!” John 1:13,14. Jesus was pre-existant, always God, before He came here. God’s sperm and Blood placed him in Mary’s womb. It was totally supernatural.

When we became born again we became “a new creation.” This means that although God used our parents to “get us here” biologically, we are now OF HIM. We have HIS DNA, HIS blood flowing through us. Once we begin to comprehend this everything starts to shift. It is the foundation of everything we need to believe.

Since we are new creations with the blood and DNA of Jesus now flowing through us, that means nothing shall be impossible for us to achieve through union with and in Him.

Let your hearts grasp this today.

The sky is not even the limit in Him. There are no limitations as we stay rooted and grounded in Him, in love.

Shalom Shalom