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Published on: July 6, 2023

This morning I heard the word ” meditate” as I woke up. We may often hear such things at those times because our spirits more easily advance to the front when our souls have been asleep for a while!

“What shall I meditate upon in Your Word?” I asked Him.

What came to my mind immediately was the book of Philippians. This was NOT a voice I heard, it was a thought that came to my mind.

“What chapter?” I asked.  The number 4 came forward so the focus was to be there. I just trust God on such thoughts that come, especially when I am asking about His Word. Believe me, I do not trust every thought that comes to my mind outside of that! We must test those things and ask the Lord about them.

I read the study notes in the ESV version first. The main thrust of this book was to encourage the Philippians “to live out their lives as citizens of heaven as shown by growing commitment to service to God and to one another.” Another point was to “press on” in maturity “through practice of the familiar virtues of love and service to others.”

Then I saw my notes on 2:5-11 called the “hymn of Christ” so I exalted Jesus out loud from these verses first. Jesus’ intense love drove Him to a position of weakness to death on the cross FOR US. We are SO LOVED!!

Chapter 4 is where Paul beseeches two women to reconcile their differences. These were two who worked with Paul for the gospel but had a falling out. This tears Paul up because he is actually imploring them to be reconciled! It’s a strong term. He exhorts us to have deep contentment in the Lord based on trusting Him and maintain community, seek the best for everyone. He says not be to anxious at all, just to give our prayers of thanksgiving and gratitude to God as our act of worship.

Then what? Well, the peace of God, His OWN peace guards you!  PRACTICE thinking of worthy, pure, lovely, excellent things which brings your mind into such a positive state! Yes, we must choose to practice this. I did so this morning. I felt my mind shift out of old ruts when I just obeyed.

Got some old ruts going on? Focus on Philippians 4:1-8 today!

Shalom Shalom