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Published on: July 4, 2023

John and I saw the movie “Sound of Freedom” yesterday. It’s a true story. It wrecked me till this morning because I was overwhelmed by it. CIA agent, Tim Ballard, faced great evil, overcame it and rescued children from sex trafficking. It is astounding and will twist your guts in compassion for the children. It was immensely well done. “A great movie, ” John said.

I felt so heavy inside. The reality of what these children go through came forth. I recognized I felt so unable to do anything about this immense problem. The United States has many wonderful people in it yet it is the number one destination in the world for sex trafficking. I didn’t know that before.

So I was engrossed in heavy thoughts till I thought of the power of the shed blood of our King Jesus. I saw more clearly WHY He needed to die for us, to rescue us from this level of evil. Then I thought of how ingenious our Savior was throughout the Bible, using one man, Samson, to kill 1,000 philistines with a jawbone of a donkey!  He woke up one man, Gideon, and instructed him to only use 300 alert men to destroy 135,000 Midianites. The atmosphere within me shifted to hope!

Jesus has already made us victors in this world. He can do ANYTHING against the onslaught of evil. He used 1 CIA agent and hooked him up with a team to rescue over 100 children (in the movie they say fewer but in the documentary coming out the whole number will be seen) through an ingenious plan to trap the traffickers on an island.  Then God sent that one 1 CIA agent into the deepest parts of the Colombian jungle on his own to rescue 1 little girl, the sister of a little boy he also plucked out of hell. He was up against the cartel armed with many guns but God equipped him just like he did Samson. I won’t tell you how he tricked the cartel. Go see the movie!

Tim, the agent, had to quit his job to do it. He was within 10 months of his pension being vested.

“The Passion of the Christ” was a movie made out of the reality of King Jesus dying and rising as us, for us. If He had not done that, none of us would have been set free. “Sound of Freedom” would not have happened. As He came and conquered, He sends us forth to do the same.

“Occupy till I come,” He said. Luke 19:13. King James. He meant it.

It’s a military term. It means hold possession of or take control. Put on your armor and the devil won’t even know it’s you inside. All he will see is the authority of the Risen One, Christ in us, the hope of glory.

“What if this were your daughter?” Tim asked.