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Stand On The Right Mat
Published on: June 22, 2023

Personally this has been a heavy week. It’s been heavy with emotions, breakthroughs and with revelation! I believe I am to share this piece today with you all. This is an exhortation, not a condemnation  – just in case any of you are currently standing on the wrong mat. I was for a few days myself.

We may see two mats before us. If we stand on the mat of chaotic, self blaming, swirling emotions we stay stuck in lingering heaviness.  There’s no way out, somehow everything is our fault and we are just “bad.” We can’t fix it.

This morning it occured to me, I could “choose joy” as the Lord instructed me a few years ago. I thought, that is choosing to rejoice and it is choosing Jesus. If I choose to move over to this mat, there is NOTHING evil can do to affect me any longer. In fact, evil spirits have no voice as I remain there. I love the fact that they have to shut up.

As we move to mat #2 we are actually choosing to yield to Jesus’ LORDSHIP over us. This is a step beyond even being born again. When we are born again we are accepted into heaven. When we yield to Jesus’ LORDSHIP we see our lives as truly not our own. We bow before Him and don’t do anything without His leading.

He’s your Shepherd. Let Him lead. Ask Him if you have given Him Lordship over your life. If so it is truly a cause to rejoice. That’s how the Apostle Paul could rejoice despite being confined  in a jail cell.

This morning as I bowed before the Lord the lyrics to the first stanza of “The Church’s One Foundation” came forth:

“The church’s one foundation    is Jesus Christ her Lord;   she is His new creation,  by water and the Word;   from heav’n He came and sought her   to be His holy bride;   with His own blood He bought her,    and for her life He died.”

I felt a holy awe on “with His OWN BLOOD He bought her” so I pass this on as impartation to all of you today.

Shalom Shalom