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Honor, Respect, Esteem and Glory
Published on: June 21, 2023

We are to love God, our neighbors and ourselves. Right? It’s in the Bible.

God, the Great Initiator, set everything in motion upon Creation and set us up to win before we even came here to earth. We had nothing to do with it. It was God’s decision to rescue us.

When Adam and Eve got hit with shame in the garden, they ran and hid. That’s what shame does, it causes us to constrict and try to get smaller, to be “unseen.” We feel we cannot go to God because we are “unworthy.” Shame shrouds us and keeps us away from our Answer, our Rescuer, the best Father Who ever existed. The Only One Who can save us and show us truth.

Jesus despised the shame of the cross. Essentially He said, “you have no hook in Me, shame. I will die for My Beloved and it is My joy to do so.” He saw ahead, to all of us, who would come into His kingdom because He saved us.

So why do we still get smacked around by shame? Often it’s because we don’t know it’s there! It’s unseen, stays hidden so we just act and react to circumstances in ignorance. I will give you a hint, full on shame feels like a mack truck ran over you. Stick a fork in you, you’re done!  But once it’s exposed, and we SEE it, we can go right to Father and say, “help me, Lord. I feel the PAIN of shame, like a heavy shroud that keeps me away from You and I no longer desire to allow it to cover me. Please lift this from me, and restore to me the honor and respect that is mine because I am created in Your image, in Jesus name.”

Think about your own overreactions (“triggers” is a common name for these). Ask the Lord to show you any roots of shame that may be underneath. Observe the over reactions of others and pray for them to get delivered. We are all ONE BODY so all our unhealed stuff affects everyone else. By the same token, our HEALED stuff affects them too, hallelujah! As we all receive more and more healing and transformation through the Holy Spirit ALWAYS at work within us, we can go forth as those shining lights that we are and rule like the Son of God, Jesus!!

In this way we do OUR part in putting His enemies under His feet!

Wow, that’s so good I will preach to myself today.

I pray to restore all the honor, respect, esteem and glory to all of you that the Father originally designed when He created you. When the enemy comes through others to smack you around, recognize he has NO RIGHT to do so and give honor in place of shame to someone else!

Shalom Shalom