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Nuggets From Philippians
Published on: June 12, 2023

Here are a few nuggets of gold from this wonderful letter. As we meditate upon the Word Holy Spirit makes things stand out that speak to our hearts in the moment. I pass a few of these on to you today.

1.  King Jesus yearns for us. He longs to connect at the deepest heart level and has tender compassion for His children.

2.  Our joyful obedience increases our confidence that we are actually blameless in His sight. What a wonderful reward for immediate joyful obedience, to KNOW in our hearts this is true.

3.  Holy Spirit produces the fruit of righteousness in us, as He does all the other characteristics of God. No striving to produce right behavior, we just remain in the Vine, which is the only effort we must make in this realm. That takes determined focus on God and what His Word says. “It looks this way, but YOUR Word, God, stands forever and I believe what YOU say.”

4.  As our love grows we also grow in knowledge and discernment which means we will take wise actions that benefit others.

5.  Holy Spirit needs us to pray in agreement with Him. Paul says “…I know that through your prayers AND the help of the Spirit of Jesus Christ this will turn out for my deliverance…” as he was currently writing from a jail cell. We must pray to see His kingdom come.

6.  Suffering and faith are both gifts of God. “Suffering for the sake of Jesus is a great privilege” from the ESV Bible study notes.

Shalom Shalom