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Focus on Appreciation
Published on: June 5, 2023
When we appreciate others we are truly grasping their worth and value. We admire them and are grateful for all they bring to the table. We recognize at a heart level how important they are to the kingdom of God.
Appreciation is huge with the Lord.
Before I left for my weekend conference I thought of how much I appreciated John who takes care of everything in our house, including Zoe and Blue, so that I do not worry at all while I am gone. I recalled how David told his fighting men that ALL would share in the recovered bounty after Ziklag got looted. The men who stayed with the baggage while the rest of them crossed over to “recover all” were given an equal share in what was taken back.
As I pondered this, the Lord said, “remember that,” in reference to my husband. So I went and told him how much I appreciated all his efforts so that I could go and do as the Lord leads me.
Who do you need to appreciate today? Start with the Lord, Who always guides and helps us. Then see who comes to your heart personally and tell them how grateful you are for them in your life.
Shalom Shalom