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Faith Steps
Published on: May 25, 2023

Years ago God gave me a beautiful vision of the city of Reading. I was looking through the largest window I had ever seen. I saw city homes and the background showed Neversink Mountain.

God’s got big vision. He showed HIS plans for Reading and that they would never sink, but would come to pass.

Monday night Marie and I went to the grand opening of the Lighthouse Shelter in Reading. This is for women and children and it’s beautiful. Next door is a small building that houses hydroponic plants. A bright spot in the midst of poverty. They expect to fill up quickly.

After taking a very small faith step God filled me with joy and I met Nadine, a woman at Bridge of Hope church who takes her large truck into some of the hardest places in Reading every Thursday. She gives out food, blankets, toiletries, whatever is needed, directly to people who live in 1 room boarding houses, some with no kitchens. The area is full of people on drugs. Yet this courageous woman goes faithfully every week and someone rides with her to assist. God lined it up for me to go with her today. I expect to learn a lot and feel God’s heart for His kids.

The idea of ministering directly to the most downtrodden appealed to our Bible study group. My small step was this. Our group wanted to start a pantry and I had no room in my house for that. We got rid of an old table in the basement. We moved Blue’s dog cage which we never use to that area & I filled up his cage with staples. The joy came. My next step was to ask to meet Nadine at the church and I did so. God lined things up for today. Bam, bam, bam.

Take your step of faith, no matter how small it appears to be to you. God will show up.

Shalom Shalom