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Weakness and Diligence
Published on: May 22, 2023
I find myself waiting on the Lord more these days. It’s a good thing and it’s because I am so weak.
God is strong in my weakness. The Apostle Paul bragged about that fact so he embraced his weaknesses. God came through with mighty miracles. We cannot get to that place without seeing how weak we truly are apart from Him.
There are many things I could type. I have daily testimonies. Things are happening and they are God Who has all of our steps ordered. But to truly accomplish anything of spiritual value, we need to lay down a lot more than we realize. In God’s goodness He reveals these truths to us step by step.
As I embrace my weaknesses I am reminded to be diligent anyway. God rewards us who diligently seek Him (Heb 11:6). There is a transition here, of learning to see and embrace our weaknesses as part of our spiritual growth. It does not “feel” good. It is part of our process and God does this to all of His children as they learn to yield to Him.
Father God, I pray that we stay diligent in seeking You as we also learn to embrace our weaknesses so You can come through in the mighty ways You desire to, in Jesus’ name.
Shalom Shalom