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Published on: May 12, 2023

As I walked and prayed for a while today the word “L’chaim” came into my brain. You know the song, “To life, to life, L’chaim” – it means “to your health and happiness.” So that’s the first word I give you for today. No matter how things look in your circumstances, I pray those words over all of you.

The second thing that came was the idea of revitalization. It means to give new life or vigor to! It’s like a recharge or refreshing. You feel rejuvenated, restored and revived. It’s a lot of re words.

Yesterday we had new vision. Today we have new vigorous life! Isn’t that just like the Lord, Who came to give us abundant life till it’s overflowing! We may need to shift our minds into a positive glory-filled state by remembering what He said in John 10:10. Those words are as true and vital as they were when King Jesus walked the earth.

I bless you with health and happiness. I pray you receive new vision and new life with dash, drive and moxie. May there be a new pep in your step!

Zip Zing and Shalom Shalom