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Published on: May 10, 2023

Yesterday was a beautiful afternoon. I went outside in that gorgeous sunshine and began to water my (75) calla lily bulbs I planted recently. I have such a fondness for lilies! Especially callas because they bloom all summer into the fall and they are spectacular looking. Even their foliage is so pretty.

As I watered I felt this heavy contentment in my heart. This is our little spot of land on the earth and I get to beautify it. I remembered the first time I felt this with God when I was doing laundry! It is the Presence of God that enables us to know, through tangible experience, that we are “wrapped up into Christ.” (Eph 1:3-8 TPT) The task felt so enjoyable.

I write this today so you can grab hold and receive it for you. That’s what testimonies do. We may all partake and receive from Him!

He is running hard after us. How about we let Him catch us? Then just snuggle up and stay there.

Shalom Shalom