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Published on: May 5, 2023
Zoe and Blue don’t like to go outside in the morning unless I accompany them and watch them on the grass. It’s some kind of social thing, especially with Blue. He won’t eat unless I sit there and watch¬† him. One of my dog sitters said “he’s a social eater.” But he often won’t even go outside unless I go first. If I sit on the swing in the yard he is absolutely content and rolls around in the grass. He just wants me near.
Zoe is much more independent. She likes sitting outside alone for a while.
We’re like that with God. We “hang with Him” and then we go off on our own. I told Blue, (outside of Zoe’s hearing) that he is more like God because he just always wants to be with us.
So this morning I stood outside on the deck with both dogs as the sun hit my face. I inhaled the aroma of freshly cut grass. It never smelled that good to me before. I felt the pleasure of God in that moment. I thought, I should do this more often….
Shalom Shalom