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Hit The Eject Button On Shame
Published on: May 1, 2023
Want to know how to get out of a shame spin? Shame is that nasty feeling inside that you’re simply inherently bad, wrong, covered in slime with no way out. It’s that feeling that won’t leave even when you have done all the right things to rectify a situation. Jesus despised shame and we must also.
In 2 Timothy 1:12 we have the answer.
“…But I am not ashamed for I know whom I have believed and I am convinced that He is able to guard until that day what has been entrusted to me.” ESV Translation
In the notes it says ” God will guard the gospel, which was entrusted to Paul, or God will guard Paul’s life. Either way, it is this CONFIDENCE IN GOD that PREVENTS Paul from being ashamed. His boldness arises not from self-confidence but from God-confidence! “
So as we trust God we boot the emotion of shame out the door. This is the answer to shame.
Psychologically, we are exhorted to capture our negative self talk without reacting to it, have self compassion and realize everyone makes mistakes and be mindful to recognize when that snake lifts its head. Then seek support. Yes, you will make progress against it this way but it won’t be kicked out the door for good.
I know this because I just wrestled with it psychologically before I turned to God in His Word and FELT IMMEDIATE PEACE as I read this scripture. Oh, the Word of God is SO GOOD, just taste and see!
Go after the jugular. Trust God.
Shalom Shalom