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Mindfulness and Jesus
Published on: April 26, 2023
Mindfulness is a psychological term – it means to be conscious or aware of “something” and it’s a mental state achieved by focusing awareness on the present moment while accepting feelings, thoughts and body sensations. It’s a useful therapeutic technique. It brings calmness, just as slowing your breathing down stops most panic attacks. Calming phrases can accompany being aware of feeling distressed, triggered, upset. A simple phrase like “this is hard but I will get through it” will start to calm down the chaotic brain.
However, the strongest help we can receive is to focus on a Person in the midst of any storm. Keeping our focus on King Jesus will enable us to walk on the stormy seas as no other awareness will do. Keeping our eyes on Him will enable us to love in the way He loves. Love overcomes everything! It’s the one thing that will last! We need to RECEIVE  God’s love every day, constantly. I keep my mind ON POINT there. “I need more of Your love, Lord, because without You I can do nothing.” That’s my best mindfulness!
We need that crystal sea of sparkling diamonds to flow from His Throne and to pour through us, up and out of our bellies as the Scriptures say. (John 7:38)  The river is our amazing Holy Spirit. Our ever present Help in times of need.
I am SO grateful He never abandons us. Ask the Lord for opportunities to tell others about Him every day. Bring the lost and hurting along with you to His Presence.
Shalom Shalom