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Published on: April 22, 2023

Hello Beloved of the King


Just a reminder about the power of laughter today. I didn’t have time to type yesterday since I had a cataract operation. It was fine. But in the background of my mind was a “concern” loop, hey, they will be dealing with my EYE here, they will put an IV line in, yuck. Some dear one helped me to shift by just saying how BEAUTIFUL everything appeared after her cataracts were removed & I moved AHEAD to when it was done & I felt relief. That’s when I realized about the replay of the “concern” loop in the back of my mind.
I asked my husband, John, about his cataract operations but he didn’t recall too much except he was awake the whole time and didn’t feel pain. As we went up the elevator I asked if he was going to stay or go somewhere while I was…
“You mean when they take you back to the slaughterhouse…I mean the OR?” yep, that’s John.
Well, it made me laugh and much more of that tension broke. I can always rely on him to make me laugh and that IS comforting. It always feels SO good to laugh. It is powerful!
It was such a well-oiled machine back there & such expertise and I found myself thanking God for everyone and their concern for all of us. The expert “feel a pinch” on the IV line was just that because the nurse was so adept. “We’re gonna give you some oxygen” the OR nurse said¬† & then right before the procedure started I smelled the whiff of anesthesia & just didn’t care & it was fine. I saw a bunch of swirling colors, that was about it. I never did “take a nap” as someone told me, but I’m sure some people do.
Look ahead to when you are past the hard stuff and believe it’s going to be beautiful. Laugh! Trust God. God laughs!
Shalom Shalom