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Published on: April 18, 2023

I am in Exodus right now, on my audio Bible app. I also went back to the ESV Study Bible so am both listening and reading. I am a visual learner more so than audio but both are helpful.

After about 15 minutes I felt antsy reading all the rules God set up starting in Exodus 21. I just turned myself in and admitted it, then took a break and received an attitude adjustment. I went back refreshed. In that time I realized God, in His All-Seeing over all time, foresaw what His people would come up against because they would not walk perfectly in love, and He taught them how to handle these situations. I felt my heart soften in awe toward Him once more.

15 minutes of reading these particular scriptures and I felt antsy.

Moses waited 7 days in front of the glory cloud on top of Mt Sinai before God told him he could enter! Then he was there 40 more days receiving the commandments of God.

That put the whole waiting thing in perspective for me. We do need to wait upon God to receive His strategies for ourselves and for those whom we love. Waiting may include pondering scripture or just waiting like in a waiting room for a doctor! I had to practice this while I waited for the eye doctor last week. I didn’t like it and just owned it. As I began to talk with God about it the time went by in peace.

As we learn to wait we go from squirmy to peace.

Shalom Shalom