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Published on: April 9, 2023

Good Resurrection Day!

I have so much to say to the glory of our GOOD Father, to King Jesus and to Holy Spirit but will do my best to condense this.

My cousin had a large brain tumor. We found out she was in critical care non responsive for 20 some days. As a family we began to pray and DAY 1 of the corporate prayer, she opened her eyes and began to respond. Then the docs had to put a shunt in to drain the fluid in her brain, for her major operation #2.

“A long difficult rehab process” was predicted by the docs and her husband. I get it. But OUR GOD can do the impossible. So we said, no, this did NOT have to be a long arduous process. Well, why not? We saw what God had already done in response to prayer. Why not greater than that? He is greater!!

My cousin was discharged from the neurological hospital to the rehab hospital within a week. “The neurologists were stunned by her significant progress in the last week. I was amazed,” her husband emailed.

Hooray God, our Healer!!

I love joining the prayer group that meets before our service every week. It’s a hot group. After the service one of the women came up to bring me a slip of paper with some info on it and when she got near me I almost fell over from the glory wave that hit when we got close together. This is a power demonstration from God and I release this understanding and even experience to all of you today. I pray prayer groups will get hot and lit and that corporate prayer will go to a whole new level today in Jesus mighty name.

Shalom Shalom