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Forgiving Self
Published on: March 25, 2023

One of the deepest places of pain inside of human beings is unforgiveness toward self. It is rooted in childhood pain and nobody escapes this although we all experience this at different times and in various levels. I’m sure many of you have had healing because you belong to King Jesus yet there are layers to continue to process as we mature in Him.

So today I just release a word to ask the Lord if you hold any unforgiveness in your heart toward yourself for any reason that He wants to heal in His timing. The Lord showed me that our obedience to forgive ourselves is necessary to receive the breastplate of righteousness which covers our hearts. It says we recognize we are righteous because of Jesus imputing His righteousness to us because of His shed blood no matter WHAT we perceive we have done. Sometimes we did do wrong; many times the enemy deceives us about ourselves and condemnation comes.

Be blessed as you live in Him today.

Shalom  Shalom