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Testimony of Jesus Speaking
Published on: March 22, 2023
Last night I finally got to watch my webchurch webcast from Sunday. The cool thing about this is it totally confirmed the post about faith and trust from two days ago but I didn’t know it. The service was based on the need to activate our faith. The speaker even expounded on Hebrews 11. This raised my own faith level because we are simply led, as sheep, gently but firmly with the King’s rod and staff all around us even when we don’t know it.
Remember all those faith action words? We take our tiny mustard seeds of faith and DO AN ACTION with them. We open our hearts, we become motivated to take new steps, we pull down strongholds, we respond to those promptings of Holy Spirit inside. We MOVE and DO what God says to do. It doesn’t matter how small the action is. It will be an action from our hearts connected to His and it will count in the Spirit realm. We take faith, that invisible but REAL substance, and act on it so that it manifests within our physical environment.
Meditate upon Hebrews 11 because it is a NOW Word from God. One of those verbs will speak to you. Or God will give you a whole new verb, action word, to perform for what He says to you. It could be the smallest act of kindness you exert toward someone that nobody else will ever know about except God, who records these things in His book.
“Holy Spirit, You want to see us take new fresh action steps! We are supposed to do things differently. Show us how that looks in each of our lives. We agree to take new steps today in Jesus Name!”
Shalom Shalom