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Be Strategic
Published on: March 17, 2023

Strategies are a combination of science and art within a military command EXERCISED to meet the enemy in combat under advantageous conditions. So we must use them regularly and repeatedly. We must exert ourselves as we would in a 7 mile hike! They must become our lifestyle. They are careful plans or methods and they work. We want to employ them from grateful hearts!

These are simply tactics, approaches, ways to be wise and defeat the enemy of our souls.

These are not exhaustive! Just priming the pump, as they say.

1.  ATL – Ask the Lord for specific strategies for any problem you are facing. If you don’t feel you heard anything open the Word and begin to meditate. Start with the Psalms if you are unsure. David constantly sought strategies from God!

1.  Praise and Worship God. Have focused time in adoration for Who He is. Last night I imagined Jesus turning and smiling at me and it was powerful! He is smiling at us!

2.  Recognize when our souls are trying to pull us into the mental or emotional realm too much because then the Spirit has no place to communicate with us. Our thoughts/brains and emotions are part of our soul, we just don’t want them to rule and take over. Our spirits must come forward and lead us.

3.  Don’t minimize the gifting inside of you. God’s kingdom cannot manifest through you if you minimize self which is lessening Him. Know how worthy HE is and know your own worth. All of us are called to advance God’s kingdom by allowing the Holy Spirit to work through us.

4.  Tell harassing, ungodly thoughts or spirits to go in Jesus name. “Talk to the hand, I am focused on the Lord.”

5.  God is in hot pursuit of us. Stay in the secret place (Psalm 91) so He catches us.

6.  Find your tribe. Get into or start a Bible study group. When we gather together and love each other God’s kingdom manifests. This may involve praying for each other, teaching the Word, mentoring, encouraging and giving to those in need. If you need encouragement or help with this let me know.

7.  Pray with others. Start prayer movements in your current place of worship or join or start conference calls which are free. Email me if you want specific info on that.

8.  Pray in the Holy Spirit as Paul preached. “I thank God I speak in tongues…” he said. Yes, I know most of us have not been taught about this but it is powerful and derails our minds, which always want to rule. God taught me this is Him ruling inside and we need to give our tongues to Him. Email me if you have questions on this. When Holy Spirit came on the day of Pentecost everyone spoke in tongues. When folks were baptized into Holy Spirit they weren’t told “expect to speak in tongues,” it simply happened. The enemy doesn’t want us to pursue this powerful strategy with God.

Yes, God has tons of strategies, very specific ones, for each of us. We are to seek His face. Then give our testimonies of how God showed up!

Shalom Shalom!