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How Beautiful We Are
Published on: March 13, 2023

Today I hear the Lord calling us beautiful.

I attended a women’s breakfast on Saturday and listened to the speaker tell about her life. I loved hearing her story. She had some of her art work on display and I asked if she would sell one of her lovely pieces. (I am SO partial to pink in various shades!) She looked surprised and really “low-balled” what she wanted for it. Her questioning stance was accompanied by a shrug that really downplayed her gifting.

I paid her more and just said “you need to know your worth.”  I didn’t think about what I said but it had the power of heaven behind it.

We deposit something into the lives of others when we notice and appreciate them. I saw this bear fruit on Sunday when I joined the “before church prayer group” which was loaded with Holy Spirit power. The speaker was in this group and led us. She loves the Lord.

She sought me out later and said “I didn’t sign my art for you.” I was overjoyed. “Oh, yes, I would love that! I will bring it back on Sunday for you. How should I frame it?” She suggested a white border with extra pink at the edges. “Try different shades of pink!” she said. This was evidence of the shift inside of her.
How amazing that we can empower each other to see how beautiful we are!

A few weeks ago a cashier at Giant told me the story of how her relative, with whom she lives, won’t allow her to drink any of her Essentia high ph water. I drink this all the time and feel better on it, to be very truthful. (I heard you can get great prices on it at Sam’s).  Today I returned to the store, looked for her and got in her line. She rang up my groceries which included a large bottle of it. I said, “that’s for you.”

You would’ve thought I gave her $100. “Oh, that’s so nice of you! I can’t! (as she held on to it, it was so funny.) Really?” as I smiled and said, “oh no, it’s yours all right.”
Her sense of worth increased. I love to punch the devil in the eye as much as possible. How wonderful that we get to do this for each other!!!

I hear the Spirit say, “do it, do it, do it My children! Everything you do for another is recorded in your books in heaven!”