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God’s Calendar+
Published on: March 10, 2023

Hebrew timing is cyclical. It’s not linear, as we fall into with the Greek mindset. Monday into Tuesday was the feast of Purim, where Queen Esther had to step into and defend the mantle the Lord had given her, to save the Jewish people from Haman. She had been crowned queen before this, but at this point in time she had to step forward and defend that crown. God won through her.

What many experienced this past week was increased turmoil because the enemy was coming against them big time. The spirit of death came against the Jews then and it has come against many others during our cycle of time now. Another thing that often happens during this cycle is that the enemy comes against our finances.

As we learn more about this we can understand the times and seasons we live in and from the Word of God then also know how to move in our own lives. For example, sometimes it’s time to war. God will show you what your war looks like. Other times it’s time to rest. I have found it wonderful to see the truth of the cycles and feasts of the Bible. It gives us wisdom on how to move or wait.

For any who are interested in learning more about this, Candice Smithyman has a facebook page where she teaches on this every month. She is a pastor and teacher with solid understanding.

Our part is to remain diligent in our study and to grow in trust/faith in Jesus. As we do we will be able to measure growth in all the fruit of the Spirit from within our being manifesting to our outward behavior. In other words we will experience ever increasing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control as we navigate even through the harder times.

Shalom Shalom