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Published on: February 23, 2023
God empowers us. This means He gives us official authority, He enables and authorizes us to move forward to promote His Kingdom.
I heard the word “EMPOWERMENT” as I prayed. I received it and felt stronger. The next day God backed it up through the Apostle Paul who wrote 1 Timothy (in addition to about 2/3 of the New Testament). I always look for confirmation of my experiences in His Word.
“I give thanks to Him Who has granted me (the needed) strength and made me able. Christ Jesus our Lord, because He has judged and counted me faithful and trustworthy, appointing me to (this stewardship of) the ministry.” I Timothy 1:12, AMP
God empowers, gives us needed strength, and makes us able because He sees us as faithful in the ministries assigned to each one of us. Ponder that! God sees each of us in such a grace-filled positive way.
We are authorized to overcome the adversity set before us. God gives us His authority and empowers us to receive it. What an amazing Father we have!
Today is the 23rd day of the year 2023. It’s 2/23/23. I thought, before I hit “send” on this I should look into the prophetic significance of the number 23. I refer you to Psalm 23, the Lord our Shepherd. We lack nothing! He provides all we need! He sets that table before us in the presence of His enemies, which are also ours. We are to sit down and eat what He gives us.
God empowers us to set our minds to walk in the truth of the Mind of Christ! Take down every thought that tells you otherwise.
Trust God!
Shalom Shalom