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Why Faith?
Published on: February 21, 2023

Why does God want us have faith? The Hebrew word for faith is trust. Why does God want us to trust Him? I need it broken down so I can swim in it.

I was reminded of a beautiful dream I had maybe 2 years ago. The gist of it was, I was walking outside on a beautiful flower-lined path and I looked down at the circular stone slabs under my feet. One of them read “Timothy.” I knew I was to study these two books of the Bible where Paul exhorted his son in the faith, Timothy, in all kinds of matters pertinent to the Gospel.

I returned here yesterday and began writing out the Scriptures and paraphrasing the amplified so I would increase in understanding. Here is your nugget for today with my decree on it.

“We accept in faith God’s administration and divine training that is in faith (leaning our entire personality on God in absolute trust). The purpose of our instruction and charge is love which springs from a pure heart, clear conscience and sincere faith.” I Timothy 1:4-5

As our Creator, God is the Top Executive who MANAGES this whole process. We start with faith in accepting this. He’s got it, He is issuing the orders and He manages the entire process. So when we accept, we receive and take hold of this truth at the outset. That means we learn to endure without protest or reaction. WE BELIEVE.
Just as I looked up the word meanings now and wrote “manages” I got a lovely jolt because He just used that word in an entire sentence with me early yesterday morning. Essentially He said I was to accept, receive and believe the peaceful truth in my whole being, that He in in charge of this faith thing. With us, His Beloved Ones, He is in charge of everything and we learn to put down all striving. We learn to float there.

He is in charge of our growing into full trust in Him. Put on the true yoke of Jesus today.

So we say, yes God! We trust You in this!

And why?

The purpose is so we grow in love,which comes out of a pure heart, clear conscience and sincere faith. So as the Father trains us in faith we increase in love. Love springs out of  a pure heart, clear conscience (no condemnation!) and faith. We cannot grow in love without growing in trust. WE WILL GROW IN LOVE AS WE STAY ON THE NARROW PATH OF TRUSTING GOD WITHOUT PROTEST IN THE PROCESS.

You may say, I think I knew this. Well, then just take it as a reminder. I find that when I take time to break things down & chew on them, more True Light shines forth in my being. I FEEL better too, in my soul. It’s just so good for us.

Shalom Shalom