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Wanting More
Published on: February 14, 2023

We commemorate holidays to express things – which is fine. Valentine’s Day reminds us to love, not just spouses/family members but “somebody’s somebody” who may not look at all attractive to us. A person heard that term from God as they wanted to judge another human being. “They are somebody’s somebody,” they heard. It’s a good word!

I just throw my arms out during the night or before I get out of bed every day. “I need You, Lord, more of You. I need to fully receive Your love and acceptance into my heart or I won’t make it.” It’s true. Neither will any of you. This isn’t just a symbolic act to me. I see myself as receiving supernatural love so I can walk in it and pass it around.

It’s a war to love. Remember that today and every day. Sometimes it feels hard to love God, our neighbors and ourselves. Jesus wouldn’t give this as a commandment if we couldn’t do it in Him. We first need to yield to His love when we feel tapped out or war weary. What a fill-up comes!

“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength” actually means, as we wait,  the Lord exchanges HIS strength for ours! It doesn’t mean we get stronger in ourselves. We get to walk in HIS strength. THEN we mount up with wings as eagles, we run without weariness and walk without fainting. ” Isa 40:31.

I had NO idea what would come forth today. “I got nothing,” I informed Jesus. “But I know YOU got something! You always have a word for each one of us! I put my hands to the keys & start to type & that’s about it.

Beloved, GET READY TO TALK ABOUT JESUS with “somebody’s somebody.”

Shalom shalom! You are highly favored and greatly loved!