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Various and Sundry Observations
Published on: February 13, 2023
1.  I know nothing about football or teams or talents other than listening to local news. I picked up on a few Eagles names cuz they are always interviewing the guys on the team. I told my husband “the Chiefs will win the Superbowl.” You see, I read an article on Patrick Mahomes. I knew nothing about him, either, except in this article it showed a picture of him smiling, pointing upwards and giving praise to God for every win in his life. That cinched it for me. I didn’t watch the game, just googled this morning who won. Yep.
The Eagles – and all of us! -can learn something here. Give God the credit due His name! Whether we “win” or lose at something, just give Him praise! I know what worship does for me inside. It’s the best thing we can do, to worship our God. He is worthy!
2.  I saw two billboards the other day. “You are fully accepted” at a car dealership. “Love twice as hard” for Valentine’s Day. Both made me think of God and I had to smile. Wow, if they “fully accept” us at a car dealership, think HOW MUCH MORE God accepts us, lol. And for those days when love is hard to do, lean in to HIM Who loves us more than twice as hard.
Good stuff. Have a blessed week. Stay in the Spirit. If you get out of the Spirit, get back in. Then stay there.
Shalom shalom