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I Stand Amazed
Published on: February 11, 2023

Hi Family of God

Yesterday I babysat my great nephew, Atlas. FRIDAYS ARE MY FAVORITE DAY!

We were in his playroom. We read books, threw playdoh balls at each other, ate snacks, put on his huge fireman jacket so he could play in his pop-up firetruck, and had a wonderful time together. Then he moved to a type of pen that was to be used in a booklet and he started examining it. I looked at the page and it looked like he was to color on it but he wanted to use this special pen. He took it apart. He placed it on the paper. Nothing. I didn’t know how this thing functioned.

The thought came to me “put water in it.” Here’s the thing. That was God. One key is to recognize that when thoughts just come like that, it is often Him. Yes, sometimes it’s the enemy but Holy Spirit shows us how to discern the difference when it’s not obvious.

I didn’t move on the thought so we went on to play with other things. Last night my sister, Heidi, sent me a video when she was with Atlas, showing his intense concentration as he used the (now full of water) pen to water color on the page. I told her I didn’t realize how to work the thing. I still had not connected something of vital importance!

This morning I was filled with such yearning for God. That’s how HE yearns for US. I kept my focus on Him though many thoughts came to distract me. Great joy came. That’s when it hit me that I missed His beautiful voice as He watched Atlas and me yesterday! How wonderful, how marvelous, and my song shall ever be, how wonderful, how marvelous is My Savior’s love for me! (Know that one?) Yes, I stand amazed in the Presence of Jesus the Nazarene.

My husband John told me, last week, that suddenly before he went to bed he recognized that he forgot something. As he waited he remembered he needed to send in our quarterly taxes. THAT WAS GOD TOO. John tuned in as he just waited to see what else would come to him.

God is constantly aware of us. His focus is intense. He always wants to help us. From reminding us about practical issues to helping us in playtime, HE IS WITH US! Are you in grief or any type of pain this morning? Are you worried and anxious about anything? HE’S GOT THE ANSWER. HE IS ALWAYS YOUR ANSWER.

I encourage all of us to remember that we’ve got the greatest Comforter, Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, and Standby of all time inside of us! He is always watching, knows how to solve every problem and loves us with a love we can’t even grasp. But we can get pieces of it which will increase as we continue to turn to Him in this life.

Meditate upon John 14:26.

Shalom shalom