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The Tender Heart of God
Published on: February 9, 2023

I was talking with Holy Spirit this morning which is customary for me right as I wake up. I just spend time with Him for a while instead of jumping out of bed.

“God, when I really hear from You it doesn’t come from my brain. I hear you in my spirit, which feels like it’s located down around my gut area, but who knows. It just does not come forth from the front of my brain as my own thoughts do.” As I touched my stomach area He said 2 words.


It felt so warm and peaceful. We need to experience His tender heart towards us. It moves us into a place of fire and passion, out of apathy and obligation. That’s where He wants us!

May you EXPERIENCE the TENDER HEART of Your Savior today! It’s your inheritance, just take some time and ask Him for this.

Receive the Shalom of God