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What You Possess in Shalom
Published on: February 8, 2023

Hello all you Beloved of God

Today I want to give you a more detailed meaning of the word “shalom.” I felt the weight of heaven on one of Kevin Zadai’s teachings so I honor him in this and pass it on to you. As you ponder this, receive it!

Shalom actually means “the covenant be upon you.” In the Hebrew understanding, this word is huge. When the Jews say “shalom shalom” it means all of the following.

“May God and His kingdom be with you in a reigning or dominion way. May God overpower you with prosperity and health and well-being. May your enemies be paralyzed. May your body become healthy. May you become wealthy in all that you do. “

It is invoking God into your situation and reinforcing the Covenant God already put into place upon us.

In heaven everything is in order and this order is called Shalom. There is, of course, no sickness, no poverty, no demonic influence, no confusion, no lack of any kind. The pavements are of gold, come on.

May what is in heaven be upon us now. May God, may everything about Him be upon us! This is what “peace” or “shalom” means to us as Christians.

So when we are NOT in shalom and we feel a push from the enemy it means our covenant with God is being violated. We are to go back to our covenant in Jesus’s Blood and say truth. “By His stripes I am healed. Jesus meets all my needs according to His riches in glory. The Lord is My Shepherd I shall not want for anything.” We say the Word of God in the face of our circumstances.

Peace has to do with the establishment of our authority under Jesus which is within the Covenant in His Blood. This means the Blood of Jesus is always enough. Period. We are to remember when we lose our peace there is an area in our life which is being violated. When we feel ill, when there is too much coming at us, it’s the enemy. Wait on the Lord with no agenda. Praise and worship. Say the Word of God out loud against it. Repeat.

The truth is, in this realm things take time. We must stay steadfast to the end no matter how long it takes until we see the Order of Heaven reigning again.

Shalom Shalom!