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Your Legacy
Published on: January 25, 2023

We all have a legacy we are to leave in the earth. I use this word because as I was thinking about my nieces and nephews, God spoke that word specifically. It means we are to transmit ahead into the future generations great things by our prayers. It may save them!  This includes family but also any people God puts on your heart. You may feel the unction to pray for a school or for several in a district. Go for it.

I heard one man’s testimony recently. He lived a reprobate life and died. Jesus met him and said “I cannot ignore the prayers of your grandmother” and sent him back into his body. He would have gone to hell, he admitted. Now he’s on fire for God. OUR PRAYERS MATTER.

Pray for any prodigals to turn from their pig slop and return to the Father of Glory. We are to leave them a huge inheritance! Pray for the God of the Breakthrough to come through for them. He has ways of doing that and wants us to partner with Him! Continue in prayer alone and with others. A great way to gather by phone is to use conference call for free. The number is 605 313 5637 and then you get an access code you use each time with your established prayer slot. Someone would need to be the leader, get it set up and then everyone else just calls the number and puts the access code in. I see all of you as leaders! Many people can pray together so it’s not limited like when we link conference calls directly on our cell phones.

Who comes to your mind as you think of the prayer legacy you are to leave in the earth?

Time for some new steps! There are new troops about to form