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Yield to Him to Overcome Control
Published on: December 15, 2022

I need to give a 1-2 punch to the devil today – if he’s going to harass me I’m going to brag about God even more.

Do you ever feel either like you’re being controlled or you want to control a situation? We’ve all been there and it still happens. So I’d like to have the enemy fall into his own hole today.

God truly meets us in our everyday lives. I got out a london broil to defrost and told John about it the day before. I had a nice baked potato he could simply microwave, it would be healthier for him to eat a nice meal and I seldom cook. So I made sure to tell him my kind intentions toward him. My heart really was to bless him.

The next day he said, “Hey, I’m running down to Reading and then I’m going to stop at Jersey Mike’s, do you want anything?” I looked at him, dumbfounded.

“Don’t you remember I was making that london broil? You know, & the baked potato (I so thoughtfully bought for him at Giant.)

“Oh – no I forgot,” he said. Yes, I was annoyed. I confess I made an exasperated noise. I felt a strong need to control his choice in the moment. So I walked away.

Once in the kitchen I stared at the hunk of meat. Well, I had to make it anyway, it was defrosted.  Suddenly I felt the softening of Holy Spirit inside. “This doesn’t matter,” He informed me. I SO love Him! I yielded to Him, to His Peace in this everyday interaction. “OK, I agree, Lord,” CONTROL LEFT AND PEACE REIGNED.

I went back to John, who FELT that displeasure and control and it only made him want to rebel against it – see how sin works! I just said, “hey, it’s ok, it doesn’t matter.” He looked at me, startled. “No, I mean it, BE FREE to make your own choice about this!” His eyes cleared and relaxed and he just said ok. Then I began the slow process of cooking the meat.

My dogs, Zoe and Blue had a strong and very interested reaction to the smell of it cooking, which was very funny.

I worked a lot that day and by the time I got back to it, John was home. He had decided to eat what I had prepared!  I know it was his choice because he felt free to make it. I WAS OK EITHER WAY. I love the peace of His Presence in me. It just makes me want to keep yielding more and more.

If you are not aware of God’s Presence in a situation, you can just know that you can say no to evil spirits that manipulate us to “control” things. Always ask God to make it clear, even after a situation has occurred. We can just repent! But increasing our focus on King Jesus is the first and best thing we can do.

God just said “it’s heaven on earth,” as I finished that last line. See, He wants to do everything with us. He types this with me. Thank You, Lord!

Oh come, let us adore Him! I feel a need to play and sing that now.