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Psalm 37
Published on: December 5, 2022

Here are some paraphrased decrees to make from Psalm 37 today.

“I decree that I do not fret and am not envious about any other person for any reason. I trust in You, Lord. I do good as I dwell in the land. I feed on Jesus’s faithfulness.

I delight myself in You, Lord. You give me the secret petitions of my heart. I commit my way to You. I roll each care of my load on You right now. (Name anyone or any situation that comes to mind.) I trust You. I am confident in You!

I am still and rest in You. I wait for You alone, Lord and lean upon You in patience. I do not fret when others prosper for any reason. I cease from anger. I do not fret because it tends only to evil doing. I control my thoughts.

I wait, hope and look for You, Lord. I delight in the abundance of Your peace. You know my days as your blameless one. My steps are directed and established by You. You delight in my way and busy Yourself with my every step. Though I fall I shall not be cast down because You grasp my hand and uphold me. My mouth as a righteous one utters wisdom, my tongue speaks with justice. Your law is in my heart and none of my steps shall slide.

I expect You, Lord. There is a happy end for me, a person of peace. You are my Refuge and secure Stronghold in trouble. You help and deliver me. You save me because I trust and take refuge in You!”