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God Ran
Published on: November 22, 2022
I was thinking about an email I read that had this title. The teacher explained it this way:
“There’s only one place in the Bible where God runs. He doesn’t run away from trouble or responsibility. He runs to His lost son. He sees that dejected, defeated boy on the horizon and even though He knows His son has gotten deep into trouble – so much that he stinks like a pig – God Almighty runs like a crazy man to hug that boy and welcome him home.
Are you needing your heavenly Father to run to you? Do you need to know He loves you even if your earthly daddy failed there? All human fathers fail to some extent. Turn around. Head home. He’s already halfway down the road.”
I smiled and pondered the Texas drawl on the writer, Pastor Troy Brewer. I marveled at how good and loving our Father is! As I continued to see this picture of Abba running towards us, Holy Spirit spoke.
“Remember that,” He said.
It is so healing for us to bring to our memory this truth. See it in your mind’s eye. Settle into that picture for a while, as you would sink down into a soft feathery sofa. Thank God that His goodness and mercy tackle us from behind when we move too fast ahead, and that He runs to meet us when we get so exhausted we can only turn around and trudge home. We expect shame and He gives us glory.