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Yearning, Yielding and Understanding
Published on: October 10, 2022

Before the day gets going I wake up with a yearning to know God more. He feels that within His own heart as “beautiful” and I sense it as a longing, a wistful kind of, “bring me in deeper, God.” I recognized this leads us into yielding. We yearn for more of Him which results in yielding to the flow of Holy Spirit inside.

“Yearn” comes from High German “to desire”, Latin “to urge, encourage” and Greek “to rejoice.” That last one surprised me, which is why I like to look up origins of words. There is a well inside of us where God waits, unveils His desire, encouragement and rejoicing over us as we come in closer.

I thought about how being here on earth is all about loving people. He added “understanding” this morning. Remember in Proverbs where He exhorts us to “get wisdom, it’s the principal¬†thing, and with wisdom get understanding!” Why did He say that in particular today?
The concept of understanding is huge. Instead of feeling annoyed or triggered, we actually comprehend the “other” before us! It’s a spread out place where God has His moment of movement within us and we remain in peace before them. We feel His amazing compassion and softening in our own hearts. The opposite of understanding is hard-hearted and inhuman/inhumane!

There I see the original design of our good good Father in creating us as human. We are, in reality, spirit beings inside who have great capacity for generous, good-hearted understanding which will express itself in our behavior towards others. When we feel that inhumane stuff it’s just the enemy who is nothing next to Jesus.

We are wonderfully and very complexly made human and humane beings who are changing the earth and atmosphere around us as we move and have our being in HIM.

I need to speak that out now. Feel free to agree and add your own wonderful mouth to that chorus!!