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How’s That Working For You?
Published on: September 22, 2022

Some of you may have heard Dr Phil asking “how’s that working for you?” on his TV show. It’s a good question because of course he’s asking it because it’s NOT working for the person. We want to stop reacting to distorted thoughts or unhealed pain reactions coming toward us from within our own being, or coming from others.

Can you say “the sanctification process?” Yeh, kind of inevitable but the process accelerates as we yield and believe God for full surrender to His Will.

The Word of God works. We must continue to learn, by experience, to lean on Him instead of our own souls.  For example, that’s why I forgive, because it works! Honestly, that monkey gets off MY back as I take the “other” off the hook. We’re all in this together, so it hurts all of us when we don’t forgive self or others. Ask the Lord if you are holding anything in your heart against self or other today. I declare that the Body of Christ moves forward into healing together!

Prayer works, too. If something does not manifest in the way we thought it would it is simply more opportunity to learn from God. Every time I pray about an obstacle in front of me, know what I often hear Him say?

“Opportunity.” That is QUITE a different way to see the obstacle, isn’t it?

Bless as many people as you can today. Forgive yourself or anyone for anything they have done to hurt you. Ask Jesus to help you forgive if you get stuck with it. He helps us with EVERYTHING.