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God’s Perspective is True Reality
Published on: September 15, 2022

I was having some issues the past few days. Ever have those? Situations arose with folks and it rankled inside. I know enough to immediately go to God and lay myself out before Him. One of the “issues” was self blame. The second was blaming the other. I just turned myself in and kept it in prayer because I truly want HIS heart and perspective. Always.

First He revealed my internal issue and I felt immediate peace. It was a perceptible shift I felt inside my heart. Then I forgave myself till the churning left. As I prayed about another person’s stuff He revealed His  heart there too.  What came to me as I stayed in prayer was this:

Lord, You mean everything to me. And they mean everything to you.

That brought me to peace and forgiveness for them.

Either way, taking all of our “stuff” to God works. It’s rewarding, even when it hurts. He will discipline us because He doesn’t mince words yet He holds us so close as He does it! Nobody Fathers like He does!

Let Him hold you close today!