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Let Awe Arise
Published on: September 4, 2022

I watched a nature study recently. They showed green turtles, bumblebee hummingbirds and iguanas on the beautiful island of Cuba. I was so impressed as I watched a mother green turtle make the exhausting journey from the sea across the sand to find the perfect spot for her eggs, which she finally deposited in the perfect spot. Then she covered them over before making the trek back into the water. She looked like she was sweating the whole time!

Then on to the bumblebee hummingbirds, the tiniest birds on the planet with nests smaller than a golf ball. The footage of these birds stealing spider web material for their nests and covering them with lichen to water proof them was amazing. They deposit eggs the size of coffee beans and then we also saw the babies!

The iguanas can grow to 5 feet and they lumber across the sand except when they want to mate, then it’s a total frenzy. That was very funny to watch.

I found the awe of God growing as I watched this. Think of all the varieties of life on the planet, and in this show I only saw three. The intricate detail of each animal was breathtaking. It makes my head spin. Remember, we NEED to feel awe, it’s very good for our brains.
Then I saw a video of Dr Dan Skorbach from Frontline Health who discussed the effects of what is called “long covid.” 43% of the population have attributed ongoing symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, depression, headaches, dizziness, and brain fog after having covid several months after testing negative for it. What happens is, covid crosses the blood brain barrier so it interrupts the recycling program God designed in our brains. HE IS SO INGENIOUS.

Neurons can take a long time to heal. But with support they still are able to. There is a process called autophagy which is “self eating” where neurons pick up garbage in the brain & reprocess it to something useful but it takes time. Covid interrupts this recycling process but the good news is, they have found essential oils can help repair. There was a study done with Siberian Fir terpenes (which come from essential oils.) People’s symptoms began to alleviate as they used these essential oils.

Also guess what else helps heal the brain? MEDITATION! Now, we have the Word of God to meditate upon. There is nothing stronger and nothing else works to transform our minds like the Word does. As I listened to this Doctor I was freshly amazed at our amazing God who created our bodies to heal, given the correct elements. No matter what the enemy throws at us, God wants to heal us and He already pre-empted anything you see that came or is trying to come and create more havoc. This is simply to encourage you to trust God today more than you ever have before.