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The One Thing That Will Not Fail
Published on: August 11, 2022

Nobody wants to fail, right? We do stumble as we work out our salvation. Yet the Lord simply desires to win us over and melt our hearts. There is one thing that, if we practice it, will keep us from failing.  Ever.

You know 1 Cor 13, the love chapter. In verse 8 the absolute Word of God tells us, “love never fails.” It never stops loving no matter how someone else behaves. It does not “stare at evil” as the Aramaic language says. God’s love inside of us requires us to “overlook offenses, remain focused on what is good and refuse to hold resentment in our hearts.”

Dearly loved children want to imitate their Father, right?  We must desire to be like Jesus. He is our strong King who does not mince words yet comes to us so tenderly. His invitations are compelling. The one and only true God lives inside of us and then radiates outwards from our softened hearts to others. I like to imagine what that looks like in the spiritual realm.

You wanna love? He invites all of us into a deeper place with Him today. See who comes to your mind as you ponder His Heart on this. It may be someone who looks very “unlovely” in the natural but they are SO loved by Jesus.

I say yes, Lord! You are irresistible and I trust You in this!