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Use Your Godly Imagination as You Wait and Listen
Published on: June 27, 2022

I was being still this morning and started imagining Jesus walking around in heaven, in His full authority and stature, as King of all Kings. I thought of Him talking to His disciples and to others who are with Him in glory. This tiny glimpse in my imagination was so overpowering I cried. He is our Source. Without Him we are nothing.

Our imaginations are the gateway to experiencing Him. We are here in these bodies and we are also seated in heavenly places at the same time. We may practice His Presence, seeing Him, asking Him for more. He has opened up my heavenly senses several times, to see into His realm, smell Him, feel, hear and even taste Him! These supernatural occurrences should be normal Christianity! I say this in testimony to Him.

We cannot make them happen. He is Sovereign over all of this. But we can position ourselves for “more.” I was thinking about His glory realm yesterday. Moses cried out, “show me Your glory!” and God made His goodness pass before Moses. Moses was a person just as we are. So I thought, God, I would like to see more of Your glory. You know what He said?

“It’s available.”

I will continue to wait, praise, worship, read His beautiful Word and exalt the Name of Jesus. He is worthy to wait for.